Field Study No. 1: The Grasslands Story

Field Guide to Investing in a Regenerative Economy: Grasslands

"Greenwich, CT, is a long way from the wind-swept prairies where ranchers Jim Howell, Zachary Jones and Tony Malmberg make their homes. But it is perhaps an early indication of how the capital markets' terrain is shifting that the three found themselves in the heart of hedge fund country recently, updating their investment partners in a custom grazing business who were as interested in rural job creation, carbon sequestration and soil enrichment as they were in how increased stocking rates and fatter cattle would enrich them financially." --From "The Grasslands Story"

Read the field study of Grasslands, a holistic management project of the Savory Institute in partnership with John Fullerton’s impact investment firm, Level 3 Capital Advisors, and Larry Lunt’s family office Armonia. Grasslands is about harnessing the power of the photosynthetic process and converting it into financial, human, and ecological capital. 

A Savory Institute case study on holistic management can be found here.


Meet the Grasslands Ranchers

June 2011--Meet the Grasslands Ranchers, our second installment of the Grasslands Story, a project of the Capital Lab's Field Guide to Investing in a Regenerative Economy, illuminates the talents and eloquence of our growing family of Grasslands ranchers. Here they talk about what inspires them and what they struggle with in their daily lives, their insights into holistic management, and their understanding of how their work is contributing to the healing of the land and the rural communities in which they live.   The Grasslands photographs that illustrate this update were taken by Capital Institute Fellow David Nicola on a recent visit to the South Dakota and Montana ranches. Read more


John Fullerton, Founder and President of Capital Institute, talks about the Grasslands project and its role in "healing the land."

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