Capital Institute's Mission and the "Occupy Wall Street" Movement

John Fullerton, 10/10/11


photo credit: Sam Jewler
Capital Institute's Mission and the "Occupy Wall Street" Movement
Capital Institute's mission statement says:
"We provide a collaborative space to explore and effect economic transition to a more just and sustainable way of living on this earth through the transformation of finance."
Our two stated goals are:
1.  To reduce inequality in the United States to the average across Europe
2.  An "ecological footprint" for the global economy of less than 1 (i.e., ecologically sustainable)
Our business plan goes on to say, "The rents extracted from the real economy by Wall Street's financialization of the economy are driving to a significant degree the rise of (inequality) in the United States, while our finance -focused brand of capitalism demands maximum growth and related impact on ecosystems upon which all life depends.  Both must change."
Our theory of change presumes that a radical transformation of the financial system is the key driver to accomplishing these ambitious goals.
After working twenty years on Wall Street, and then spending the better part of the last decade learning about natural systems, and studying and thinking about the need for, and challenges of, systemic change in economics and our relationship with money, the emergence of "Occupy Wall Street" has special resonance with me.  An elaboration of our thinking is provided in this context piece which serves as useful background to the creation of Capital Institute.
I will be visiting Liberty Plaza tomorrow to show my support and deepen my understanding of the movement.  Stay tuned.